Klinosan for pigs

What is Klinosan?

Klinosan is a composite product made from specially processed soluble yeast components (RNA and nucleotides) and active Klinofeed zeolite mineral.

Nucleotides and RNA have a modulating effect on the immune system and are indispensable building blocks for renewing and regenerating cells (liver, gut, reproductive organs, immune system). Nucleotides can help to build up a stronger immune system in a short space of time.

Zeolites actively relieve animal metabolism through their ability to selectively bind harmful substances (e.g. NH4+). Nutrients and active ingredients are not bound.

Advantages in pig production

Breeding sows
The deciding factor for profitability in pig breeding is the number of piglets sold per sow per year. Klinosan provides the building blocks for optimal fertility and for strong litter sizes with high birth weights. The overall health of the herd is stabilised, the percentage of repeat breeders is reduced and milk production is increased.

Piglets are given passive immunity for a limited period of time via the sow’s colostrum right after birth. The piglet’s ability to build up an active immunity is only developed within the first few weeks after birth, since its limbic system is not yet mature enough at first. Klinosan helps to bridge the gap between passive and active immunity, which then has a positive influence on the health and growth of the piglet.

Breeding boars
Klinosan provides the critical foundations for achieving high sperm concentration in the seminal fluid. Through improved vitality, boars are more keen to mate.

Recommended dosage

0.5% in complete feed for sows
2.0% in pre-starter feed
1.0% in piglet rearing feed


Klinosan benefits


  • High number of fertile eggs
  • Optimum embryo development
  • Good hogging behaviour
  • Fewer return to heat


  • The immune system is strengthened thanks to the availability of essential cell foundations (for bone marrow cells, lymphocytes, splenocytes)
  • Increased vitality
  • Reduced piglet mortality
  • High intake and good feed utilisation

Liver metabolism

  •  Regeneration of liver cells enables optimum metabolic and detoxification performance.

Digestive system

  • Regeneration of the intestinal epithelium enables stable gut flora
  • Improved development of the intestinal villi
  • Reduced occurrence of diarrhoea


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