KalboStart Plus


KalboStart Plus – For vital and high performing calves

KalboStart Plus is a supplementary feed especially for calves in the first phase of life (up to about 6 weeks after birth). It provides important building blocks for a strong immune system and good intestinal health and compensates for malnutrition and unwillingness to drink.

Ill calves = economic losses:

  • high treatment costs, especially for serious diseases
  • delayed development of the calves
  • In some cases, sustained performance losses, also in adult animals.

Prevention pays off

Especially in the first weeks it is worth investing in a particularly high-quality feed for optimal development. Only healthy calves can achieve top performance later.

Healthy calves with KalboStart Plus

  • KalboStart Plus is a natural product
  • KalboStart Plus contains functional carbohydrates (mannans and beta-glucans) from specially prepared yeast cells, which effectively support intestinal stability
  • The mineral-, electrolyte-, and trace element balance is optimally regulated by high-quality component selection (e.g. chelates).
  • The vitality of the calves is clearly stabilised.
  • KalboStart Plus can be used as a natural product at any time
  • KalboStart Plus is also an effective product for problems with older calves

The advantages of KalboStart Plus at a glance:

  • Stabilisation of health and vitality: KalboStart Plus very effectively supports the immune system and intestinal health immediately after birth. This means that calves have fewer problems in the first phase of life.
  • Increased basic feed intake and better feed conversion: KalboStart Plus supports the growth of healthy intestinal flora and thus promotes digestion. This stimulates the appetite and leads to an increased basic feed intake and better feed conversion after a short time.
  • Can be used at any time: KalboStart Plus is a product made of natural substances and is therefore suitable for all calves. There are no side effects or interactions with medicines and vaccines.
  • Easy dosage: daily 2 x 5 g per calf stirred into the feed milk. (measuring cup is in the bucket) / ½ measuring spoon = approx. 10g / 1 level measuring spoon = approx. 25g (Important: start feeding immediately after birth, application time: 10-30 days)Packaging: 3 kg buckets

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