KalboStart Plus

KalboStart Plus – Healthier animals. Increased vitality. Increased performance power.

Illness in calves = money down the drain:

  • Elevated handling costs, particularly with bad illnesses
  • Delayed development of the calf
  • Sustained loss in performance in some cases, even in adults

Prevention is worth the investment

To ensure optimal development, it is worth investing in an especially high quality feed during the first few weeks. This prevents illness and reduces the cost of veterinary intervention.

Using natural products to improve health

  • KalboStart Plus is a natural product
  • It effectively strengthens and supports the immune system and improves gut stability
  • Overall health is improved
  • The risk of potentially fatal infectious diseases, e.g. from cryptosporidium, is significantly reduced
  • KalboStart Plus is a natural product that can be used at any time
  • KalboStart Plus is even effective for older calves!

KalboStart Plus benefits at a glance:

  •  Increased intake of basic ration and improved feed utilisation:KalboStart Plus stimulates the growth of healthy gut flora and thus supports digestion. This boosts the appetite and leads to increased intake of basic ration and improved feed utilisation after a short time.
  • Improved health and vitality:KalboStart Plus strengthens the immune defences, thus supporting the health and vitality of the animal.
  • Increased performance and yield in adults:Illnesses in calves weaken their vitality and performance power in later life, thus reducing their productive lifetime and yield. KalboStart Plus helps to prevent such losses in yield.
  • For use at any time:KalboStart Plus is made from natural substances, which makes it suitable for calves of any age. There are no side effects and no reciprocity with medication or immunisations.
  • Easy dosing:mix 5 g per calf twice daily into their milk. (Measuring cup is in the bucket)
    ½ measuring spoon = approx. 10 g
    1 level measuring spoon = approx. 25 g
    (Important: start adding to feed directly after birth and continue for 10-30 days) Available volume: 3 kg bucket (net weight)


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