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Introduction – What is BIORACING®?

This unique nutritional supplement contains the foundations for:

  • DNA: The code for life
  • RNA: The template for building proteins
  • ATP: The body’s energy storage

BIORACING® is an important nutritional supplement for horses. Ingredients such as soluble yeast particles (rich in RNA and nucleotides), biotin and folic acid support their immunity and performance.

What active ingredients does BIORACING® contain?

BIORACING® contains a mixture of natural yeast products (rich in RNA and nucleotides) and a balanced formula of vitamins: biotin, folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium pantothenate, vitamin D3 and vitamin E.

What are the effects of BIORACING®?

BIORACING® provides valuable building blocks to quickly regenerate cells. They are needed in large quantities for each cell division. They stabilise critical processes in the body and guarantee optimal functioning of the immune system. To maintain normal bodily functions, thousands of cells are renewed every second. Normally the nucleotides the body produces for itself are sufficient. During growth, stress, sports and pregnancy, however, the cell division rate increases. Horses, therefore, need to be fed additional cell components in their feed. The body also needs a large amount of these cell components during infection and illness, to be able to produce enough defence cells. BIORACING® provides the exact substances required to quickly and efficiently meet increased needs.

Dosing powder

The recommended amount of BIORACING® should be administered daily. The effects of BIORACING® can already be seen after two to three weeks.

  • Sport horses: 20 g / day
  • Brood mares: 15 g / day
  • Foals: 10 g / day

Technical information

Does BIORACING® have a positive effect on other bodily functions?
Does BIORACING® have a positive effect on other bodily functions?

Yes! The liver functions are improved. The liver – the largest gland in the body and one of the most complex organs – carries out over 500 of the most important functions for maintaining a healthy body. Among them are bile production, and excretion of glucose, proteins, vitamins, fats and other important food components. The liver also detoxifies the body from any harmful substances and preservatives that have been consumed, as well as the body’s own waste products.

Can BIORACING® have any undesirable side effects?

No. Numerous studies with horses have shown that BIORACING® is completely safe as a daily feed additive. The product is produced from special yeast cells and provides the body with an extra helping of critical building blocks.

Let your horse feel the benefits of BIORACING®


BIORACING® promotes…

  • Resistance: Fewer infections and illnesses, fewer bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  • Vitality: Bessere sportliche Leistung und Ausdauer, bessere Konstitution
  • Oxygen intake: More oxygen in the tissue, better break-down of nutrients and more available energy; shorter recovery times after exercise or high performance
  • Muscle cell generation: Better muscular structure
  • Gut functionality: Better utilisation of basic ration, better provision of nutrients to the organs and muscles, less colic
  • Wound healing: Less time out after injury for sport horses
  • Coat condition:: Fewer problems with change of coat

The horse has more energy available to build up body mass (muscle) as well as for performance


Trial in Chicago (USA), 1990

Two horse races took place at the Maywood Ractrack in Maywood, Illinois during October and November 1990. The official results were compared. Two groups were formed at random. Before being fed with BIORACING® their running times were the same. After the first test, 59 racehorses were fed with the BIORACING® supplement and 50 racehorses were used as control animals.

In the second race, 52.2% of the horses that had been fed BIORACING® improved their running times. Only 16 of the other horses were faster (p=0.0244). 40% of the treated horses ran at least 0.5 seconds* faster, as opposed to just 22% of the untreated horses (p=0.0438). * 1 second = approx. 3 lengths or 9 m.

Drug tests were carried out before both races. No banned substances were found in the horses that had been fed BIORACING®.

Trial in Lüttich (Belgium), 1991

In this trial, six horses were fed with BIORACING® and five horses were used as control animals. The experiment spanned over five phases, each up to three weeks, during which the horses were trained exactly the same:

1. Acclimatisation phase
2. Light work phase
3. Aerobic training phase
4. Interval training phase
5. Light work phase

At the end of each phase, standardised tests were carried out on all the horses and the results were compared. BIORACING® had a positive effect on the oxygen uptake, heart rate and blood components. Lactate build-up was reduced. The diagram below shows that the oxygen uptake was significantly higher in the horses that had been fed with BIORACING® compared to the control animals.




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