Production and distribution of special feeds and products for livestock farming

Heforma has been a specialist in the production and distribution of special feeds and products for livestock farming since 1978. Its special feeds include additives and organic products to optimise animal performance and health, as well as complementary products rich in protein, energy and fibre to improve animal performance. Heforma is also a distributor of hygiene products to improve livestock housing conditions.

Decades of experience

Heforma employees have decades of experience in livestock farming, in developing innovative concepts for feeding and livestock farming, as well as in the practical application of our products among various types of animal. The goal of our innovative team is to improve sustainability in livestock farming.

Company owner Thomas Vorspohl founded the NRG business along with his family in Hamm, Westphalia, and ran the company from 1991 to March 2010. During this time, the Heforma products were marketed by NRG GmbH.

Innovative products, practical solutions

From 01.07.2011 Heforma GmbH has taken over the distribution of the products directly. We are looking forward to a good cooperation with our customers!
The goal of Heforma is to provide the compound feed industry and farmers with practicable solutions for problems in animal feeding and livestock farming with innovative products. The product range will be consistently further developed, whereby the extensive international contacts are very useful for Heforma GmbH.

These products have an exceptional price/performance ratio.


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