Tasty-Power-Ruminant is the new feed supplement for cows from Heforma GmbH

The feed is a composition of products and bi-products from the bakery and confectionery industry, waffle flour and cereals. It guarantees healthy, fast growth for your animals.

Analytical constituents and levels:

  • Dry matter 925g/kg > Calcium 3,2g/kg > UDP% 15%
  • Raw protein 75g/kg > Phosphorus 1,3g/kg > nXP 145g/kg
  • Raw fat 100g/kg > Sodium 4,5g/kg > RNB -10g/kg
  • Raw fibre 15g/kg > Potassium 3,0g/kg
  • Raw ash 35g/kg
  • Starch 400g/kg
  • Sugar 240g/kg > ME Cow 13,3MJ/kg
  • NEL 8,5MJ/kg > date 01.08.2015

The values stated above are average values. All data relate to the original substance.


Products and by-products from the bakery and confectionery industry, waffle flour, cereals.

Recommended dosage:

Dairy cattle: 1-2 kg per cow per day. Be aware of ration optimisation.

Shelf life:

Several months after the delivery date in dry storage conditions.


  • Higher energy content
  • Readily available energy
  • Great taste
  • Prevents ketosis
  • Higher feed intake
  • Ideal as a treat in the robot or milking parlour
  • Ideal for the peak lactation period


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