Klinosorb TKB dry hoof bath

What makes Klinosorb TKB dry hoof bath so special?

Consequences of digital dermatitis

Digital dermatitis is extremely painful for animals.
Acute digital dermatitis has a significant influence on milk productivity. Productivity can be reduced by an average of 0.5 – 1.5 l per day.
Optimal productivity can only be reached with active animals that are free from pain. Oestrus diagnosis also drops dramatically when animals are suffering from painful hoof illnesses.
A preventative application of Klinosorb TKB keeps hoofes in a healthy condition thanks to its soothing properties, improving the well being of cows. Improved well being optimises the productivity as well as the fertility of cows.

Benefits of Klinosorb TKB

  • Klinosorb TKB  binds free water and eradicates the basis of digital dermatitis: moisture.
  • Klinosorb TKB does not cause any pain to the animal or irritation to lesions.
  • Animals walk freely and easily through the Klinosorb dry food bath.
  • Klinosorb TKB does not disintegrate or lose its effect after a long application. It can also be continually reused.

Klinosorb TKB application

  • Fill a regular hoof bath (approx. 200 x 80 x 15 cm) with sufficient Klinosorb TKB or use the hoof bath you already have available.
  • The coronet above the hoof wall must be covered with Klinosorb TKB when the cows walk through. This is very important. Approximately 4-5 bags of Klinosorb TKB are required for the above bath dimensions.
  • The hoof bath should be installed in the exit of the milking parlour.
  • The hooves should only be cleaned before the first run, then no more.
  • Loosen up the Klinosorb TKB regularly and refill after 50 cows or as required!

Application plan for around 100 cows

First phase:
Allow cows to run through the dry hoof bath daily (after milking) for the first 3-4 weeks.

  • At first, ensure the hoof bath is filled with enough Klinosorb TKB to completely cover the hooves when walking through.
  • Wash the hooves once before the first treatment.
  • Let cows run through the hoof bath immediately after exiting the milking parlour or robot, ideally.
  • After around 50 cows have been through the hoof bath, loosen up the Klinosorb TKB and refill the bath if required.

Long-term application:

  • Afterwards build the dry hoof bath into the cows’ hygiene plan at least twice a week after milking.


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