Energy-rich feed supplement for piglets and calves

  • Müsli-Tasty-MSK is the perfect supplement for producing high quality feed for young animals.
  • Müsli-Tasty-MSK is derived from high quality raw substances from cereal and chocolate manufacturing.
  • Müsli-Tasty-MSK is extremely energy rich and palatable. Due to the high levels of carbohydrate hydrolysis, this product is easy to digest and well tolerated.

Active ingredients:

Dry matter 930 g/kg

Raw protein 100 g/kg

Raw fat 126 g/kg

Raw fibre 18 g/kg

Raw ash 21 g/kg

Starch 400 g/kg

Sugar 215 g/kg

Calcium 1.0 g/kg

Phosphorous 2.5 g/kg

Sodium 3.1 g/kg

Lysine 3.0 g/kg

Methionine 1.5 g/kg

Meth. + cystine 3.8 g/kg

Threonine 3.0 g/kg

Tryptophane 1.2 g/kg

ME pig 16.8 MJ/kg OS (according to German regulation 10.FuttMRÄndV:22.07.2010)

ME pig 17.4 MJ/kg OS (calculation according to German regulation FMVO section 14, paragraph 2)

The stated values are average values. The figures are in OS.


Broken down cereals (wheat, corn, rice), chocolate

Recommended dosage:

Piglets 5-20%

Calves 5-10%

Can be kept for up to 6 months in dry storage


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