KlinoFerm 100

KlinoFerm 60 and KlinoFerm 100 – tried and tested concentrated active ingredients with synergistic effects

KlinoFerm products combine the benefits of rumen-stimulating fermented yeasts with active clinoptilolite (Klinofeed), which binds harmful substances and relieves the metabolism. Improved metabolism in the rumen, gut and liver leads to better health, better feed efficiency and higher milk performance.

KlinoFerm products – Active ingredients with 100% performance

KlinoFerm benefits at a glance

  • Increased intake of basic ration:
    KlinoFerm is well-accepted by cows, thus ensuring increased feed intake.
  • Improved feed utilisation:
    Improved raw fibre and protein utilisation has a positive effect on feed utilisation. Cows’ manure contains significantly fewer undigested feed particles.
  • Improved milk performance:
    Increased intake of basic ration and improved feed utilisation positively affects milk performance.
  • Healthier milk cows:
    </strongBy optimising rumen conditions and selectively binding harmful substances, the health of the animals is improved. Healthy cows have a longer productive lifetime. Milk production profitability increases. By using KlinoFerm, most farms notice reduced cell counts and healthier hooves.
  • Easy dosing:
    KlinoFermcan be mixed in with any feed product. Making it easy to integrate and easy to handle. KlinoFerm is temperature-stable.

What are the effects of KlinoFerm?

KlinoFerm optimises the rumen flora (up to 20% more microbial biomass). Increased lactate utilisation stabilises the pH level of the rumen, thus combating rumen overacidification.
Raw fibre digestion is significantly improved.
Higher levels of rumen bacteria increase protein utilisation.
KlinoFerm selectively binds harmful substances (e.g. ammonia) and significantly relieves the metabolism. Hoof problems on the farm are reduced. Animals have more vitality and can use their energy for better milk performance.

KlinoFerm 100 application advice:

Dairy cattle: 100 g per animal per day
Beef cattle: 50 – 100 g per animal per day
Calves/young stock: 30 – 70 g per animal per day

Available in 25 kg bags