PansenPower – A rumen stimulant providing readily available energy

PansenPower is a feed supplement that helps the rumen to recover after any issues. It is made from fermented yeasts and propylene glycol.

PansenPower stimulates the appetite:

PansenPower is particularly good for stimulating the appetite in milk cows. After only a few hours, the animal will normally start to eat again. Furthermore, PansenPower reliably increases the pH level in the rumen, thus combating overacidification. The propylene glycol contained in PansenPower also provides the animal with readily available energy, so that it can quickly return to normal productivity.

PansenPower has multiple uses:

PansenPower is excellent for use after calving, but equally after a loss of appetite, metabolism or digestion issues, or when a cow is generally weak. It can also be used to promote the well being of high yielding animals.

Recommended application:

500 ml of PansenPower directly in the mouth or via a drench. The effects should normally be apparent after one dose. If that is not the case, administer a further 500 ml after 8-12 hours.

Available volumes:

PansenPower is available in the following quantities:
16 x 500 ml bottles or 10 litre drums.

PansenPower effects at a glance:

  • Increased appetite/li>
  • Fast energy provision
  • Higher rumen pH levels
  • Stimulated digestion
  • Increased feed intake
  • More strength and vitality
  • Good start to the lactation period
  • Common problems at the start of lactation, e.g. acidosis, ketosis and loss of appetite, are quickly alleviated by PansenPower.


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